The Job Struggle

I know there are a million blog posts about this subject but shit I need to vent too. What in all hell is the deal with all of these employers wanting people with experience? Do they not realize that if they don’t accept people without experience there’s no way of people gaining experience? Another problem I’m seeing is bachelor’s degrees being required for reception positions. Why in the entire fuck does a receptionist need a degree? That’s such an insult to peoples hard work and money spent on education. You mean to actually tell me that 4-5 years of college only makes me eligible to copy documents, answer phones, and get you coffee? You mean to tell me all that education is worth $15-$17/hr? Give me a fucking break! And to add insult to injury that salary isn’t enough to live off of, hell you can barely pay off your student loans with that. With a salary like that you pretty much end up living with your parents for the rest of your life. You would think that being in New York would mean much higher salaries since the cost of living is ridiculously high, but I guess not. I guess I’ll just continue to fake it til I make it like the rest of NYC.


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